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Not your typical article template, Zora offers several features to help you blog your best with the tools you need to sell content.

Members only content

Turn any post into a members only post with the “exclusive” membership tag. When the tag is added zora will restrict content to members only. Non-members will be shown a prompt to subscribe or login. Learn more on how to create members only content. Note: zora must be assigned a membership product to enable this experience. See configure your membership settings.


With zora you can turn any post into a video or audio post without leaving the content section of your admin page using z-codes (also known as shortcodes). Z-codes are a quick way to include an mp3, mp4 or supported third party video or audio iframe into any post. Include the media z-code any where in the content section and zora will do the work. You can change where the media player appears via your theme editor just like any other block. The short code for an mp3 or mp4 is as follows:

  • [audio mp3=]
  • [video mp4=]

To see a full list of all supported media shortcodes along with the dos/don't head over to media z-codes. Here's what z-code looks like in action. 



With zora, multi-authoring is easy. Add as many contributors as you'd like to a post. From hosts to videographers, you get to decide on who contributes to your content.

To add a contributor to a post, add a “role-” tag as follows:

  • role-writer_brian-davis.

The word after “role-” is the role of the contributor. Replace any spaces with dashes (-). The text after the underscore (_) is the name of the contributor. The role automatically shows on blog posts when contributors are added. You can disable this feature in the “Blog posts” section of your theme settings.

Zora uses gravatar to generate contributor images or the custom image used on a contributor's page. You can also disable images via the "Contributors" section of your Theme Settings. In addition to creating contributor pages you can also choose to hide the default author on posts. This is useful if you don't want to show the user who published the post on your site. For SEO purposes zora will use your role- contributors as authors instead.

Note: Zora recognizes the user who published the post as an author (i.e. role-author_default-author-name) if you want to create a contributor page for the default author.


In addition to Contributors Zora has a special tag to identify a Sponsor as follows:

  • sponsor_shopify

The “sponsor_” tag let's Zora know the post is sponsored and adds the “sponsored content” text to the post and blog cards. A separate CTA is also added to your post to help your sponsors standout. Like Contributors your post can have as many Sponsors as you'd like and you can create Sponsor pages using the Contributor template. When enabled if the post has no Sponsors the Sponsors section is hidden from the post.

Steaming channels

As a content aware theme, Zora knows what streaming channels to showcase on your blog post based on the type of post (e.g video or audio). If you’ve added "Streaming Channels" in your Theme Settings zora will only show audio streaming channels on audio posts and video streaming channels on video posts.

Inline products and collections

With product z-codes and collection z-codes you can add any product or collection to a blog post. This feature is great for making beautiful commerce content like gift guides, reviews, and more. To add a product or collection to your post include the z-code where ever you want it to appear within the content section of your post.

  • [product=t-shirt]
  • [collection=swag]

Learn more about product and collection shortcodes. You can enable/disable features via the "Inline products" and "Inline collections" sections of your 'Theme Settings".

Threaded comments

Zora ships with a lightweight threaded comments experience that let’s you engage your audience and keep the convo going. If you prefer paginated comments you can disable this feature in the comments block. You can choose to thread comments up to 3 levels deep. The default is 3. With threaded comments enabled you can also reply as your brand. Zora will show your chosen brand icon (via settings) as long as you respond using your stores contact email.

And more

In addition to all the above, blog posts come with some other cool features which you can enable/disable via he "Blog cards" section in your Theme Settings:

  • Posted ago (shoes up to 24 hours)
  • Date
  • Read time
  • and more

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