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Supported Templates: Article template only

To start using shortcodes grab the episode link from your browser and use any of the below formats for video and audio. If you see an asterik (*) next to the identifier, then you will need to click "share" while on the episode page and copy the link.


Identifier Syntax Examples
mp3 [audio mp3=]
Buzzsprout [audio buzzsprout=episode link] link
Spotify [audio spotify=episode link] link
Omny [audio omny=episode link] link
Captivate* [audio captivate=episode link] link
Transistor* [audio transistor=episode link] link
Spreaker [audio spreaker=episode id] link
Redcircle [audio redcircle=episode id] link



Identifier Syntax Examples
mp4 [video mp4=]
YouTube [video youtube=video link] link
Vimeo [video vimeo=video link] link
Wistia [video wistia=video link] link
Bunny [video bunny=video link] link
Sproutvideo [video sproutvideo=video link] link
Twitch [video twitch=video link] link



Presently zora supports one media z-code per blog post. The reason for this is to make sure that we can communicate with search engines the main focus of your content. Take a look at any of your blog posts using the Schema Validator so you can see how Zora organizes your content. You can still embed videos and other types of content using the iframe or code editor. 

If you’re trying to use an mp4 link in the audio list it will not work and vice versus. i.e. you can't do [video buzzsprout=episode link]. This will cause iframe issues.  It’s also important to make sure you include a link the to the audio or video episode and NOT the channel or otherwise. Doing so will cause unexpected behavior.

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