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Zora makes it easy to add multiple Contributors to a blog post. And more than likely you’ll want to create Contributor pages for those who contribute to your site. Contributors may be guests, writers, sponsors, hosts, designers, videographers and more.

To get started create a new page and assign it with the role of the Contributor first (e.g. writer) in the page title followed by the contributors name (e.g. john doe). This will generate a page handle like so writer-john-doe. If you want to create a page for the default author. Use “author” as the role followed by the first name then last name (e.g. author-jane-dane). And make sure to select the “contributor template from the templates dropdown.

Note: Do not change this order. It’s important to make sure zora understands who is John Doe. In this case john doe is a writer : )

Before you publish the the page you'll likely want to add some more information about the contributor.

Add a Profile Image

To add an image just include it in the page content. Zora will pull the image and use it as the profile pic. You can change the order of the where the pic appears via the profile block on the Contirbutor page.

Write a stellar Bio

To add a bio just add some words to the page content. It can be as long or short as you’d like. You change where the bio appears via the bio block on the contributor page.

Include some Contact Links

Want a way to make it easier for your audience to reach out to your contributors use zora’s Contact z-code specifically designed for Contributor pages. It doesn’t matter where you include the shortcode zora will know what you mean.

[contact twitter=shopify email=support@shopify]

Think z-codes are cool? Learn more about the different types of z-codes Zora supports and how to use them for your site.

Featured posts

Zora will automatically show the posts by the Contributor. The template ships with the featured blogs section and retrieves all blog posts from all blogs by the contributor. Just make sure that your Theme Settings lists all the blogs that you would like zora to be aware of and it will detect which posts the Contributor has contributed.

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