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Once you’ve setup your membership product and assigned it to zora, you can start creating members only content.

Restricting access

To restrict a blog post for members only tag the post with “exclusive” (the default membership tag). If you used a custom membership tag in your theme settings, you’ll need to use this tag instead. Members will be shown content while non-members will have restricted access. The content will only be available to members who have purchased a membership plan.

Tier access

If the membership assigned in your theme settings has tiers (more than one value), zora treats each value as a member tier. To restrict content for members by tier use:

  • exclusive-[tier-name]

The value that appears first has the lowest level of access, while the value that appears last has the highest level of access. Content is visible to members who have purchased that tier. For example suppose you defined a membership product with 3 option values (standard, premium, and plus) as shown on zora’s demo store). You can restrict content for each tier (option value) using the following tags:

  • exclusive-standard (access to standard content)
  • exclusive-premium (access to premium and standard content)
  • exclusive-plus (access to plus, premium and standard content)
  • exclusive (available to all members)

Things to keep in mind

The blog post tag must match an option value defined in your membership product. If the value has more than 2 words, you will want to replace spaces with dashes (-). For example if you used “cool kids” as a value the member tier would be “cool-kids” and you would restrict access to cool kids only as follows:

  • exclusive-cool-kids

Zora accepts only one membership tag per post. If more than one acceptable tag is used (e.g. exclusive and exclusive-premium). The tag that first appears will take priority. As a best practice, use only one membership tag per post. If your intent is to offer content to all members use only the “exclusive” tag. If you want to limit access to a certain member use the “exclusive-[member-tier]” pattern.

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