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To enable your membership experience tell zora which product to use as your membership in the membership section of your Theme Settings. By default Zora will look for the product with a handle of “membership”. If you haven’t already created a membership product you’ll need to setup your membership product.

Related settings

Membership product

This is where you assign your Membership product. Once enabled the “subscribe” button will show in your main navigation. You can edit the button text and plan details in the Header section. Note: you can use still use zora as a non-membership site. To do so, do not assign zora a membership product.

Membership tag

By default zora recognizes “exclusive” to distinguish non-members from members and create members only content and products. You can keep the default membership tag or you can change it. If you’re happy with using “exclusive” there’s nothing more you need to do. If you choose to modify the membership tag, this is the tag Zora will use to create your members only experience. You will need to use the modified word in replace of “exclusive” whenever you want to create members only content or variants

Word limit (restrict content)

By default, whenever someone attempts to view content that is for members only AND they do not have access zora restricts content showing a limited number of words and an inline prompt stating “this content is for members only, sign into view”. Depending on how long your posts are you may want to increase this word limit. By default zora hides content after 50 words. Feel free to experiment and see what works best for you.

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