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Turn your site into a members only experience! Zora supports single and multiple access level (known as tiers) style memberships. Create a new product and name it membership. This will generate a product with the handle membership. By default zora recognizes this product. However you can name the product whatever you like. If you choose a different name you will need to update your theme settings.

Setting up your membership product

Single Tier

For a single tier membership create a product with no options. Assign it a price and that’s it. A single tier membership is the easiest way to get started with zora and will work for most brands.

Multiple Tiers

To setup a multi-tier membership create a new product with only 1 option. Choose a name (e.g. plans) for your option. It can be whatever you like as long as it is not “tier” or “tiers” which are reserved option names to create members only variants. Then include as a many values as necessary for each tier (e.g. standard, premium and plus) and set a price. That's it you're ready to start using zora with a one-time purchase multi-tier membership.

💡 Whether you choose to use a single or multiple tier membership make sure to uncheck track quantity and this product requires shipping. zora doesn’t support quantity tracking for the membership product

Order matters

The order in which the tier appears helps Zora know the access level of your customers. Order 1 only has access to that tier only while the last item has access to all tiers.

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Now that you’ve created your one-time purchase membership you can turn it into a subscription and offer weekly, monthly and annually recurring memberships. Learn more on how to turn your one-time purchase membership into a subscription

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