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The featured video section let’s you showcase any mp4 or supported third party hosted video (reference the identifier in media z-codes). When using a third party you do not need to include the full z-code. All you need is the episode link either copied from your browser or the share link depending on the platform.

You can add 1 or up to 50 featured video blocks to create a video library. And you can mix and match video sources meaning you can have vimeo, youtube and a custom mp4 player all within the same section.

When adding an article that has a video z-code Zora will auto populate your video block with the article title, membership tag (if applicable), video and the featured image as your cover image. If the article is restricted to members only, the media player will show as restricted to non-members.

Any mp4 file hosted on Shopify or elsewhere will use zora’s custom HTML video player. The look and feel is determined by the "Colors" you configure in your theme settings. If the video is hosted on Shopify zora will automatically use the preview image of the video file. If you choose to use a third party hosted video you can add a custom cover image. You can also add a custom title and link.

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