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At this point you may have created some Contributor pages. If not see Contributor template.

To show a list of Contributors by role create a page with the pluralized version of the word (english, spanish, and french support currently). For example let’s say you have a few “writer” Contributor pages. To show all writers create a page titled “writers”. This will create a page with the handle writers.

DO NOT change the handle as this is how Zora automagically retrieves writers as long as they’ve contributed to content on your site. See multi-authoring in Article template.

If a contributor doesn’t appear the reason is because they haven’t contributed to any content. Zora knows who contributes to your content by the default author or "role-" assigned to a post.

Adding a custom contributor

If you don’t want a unique contributor listing page for each role (e.g. writers, authors, hosts) you can show all contributors on one page. First create a new page and name it whatever you like (e.g. contributors or team). Make sure the contributors list template is selected and save. Then go to Theme Customize > Select Page Contributor List > Add Custom Contributor block. Make sure that you’ve created a Contributor page for that member. Disable the “show default authors” and start adding custom contributors.

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