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Zora has some key product page features that make selling different kinds of products easy.

Members-only variants

If you're using memberships with Zora you can create members only variants which is useful if you want to hide/show variants based on membership access.

Multi-media Images

Zora supports image, video, 3D AND audio media types. Sell video courses, audio books, and more along side all the other products you sell. Zora goes beyond YouTube, Vimeo and MP4. You can use any of zora's supported third party video and audio iframes which includes 13 of your favorite platforms from Spotify to Twitch. To use a supported iframe and zora's custom mp3 player just include the episode link in the alt description. See all supported platforms via the media z-codes.

Affiliate products

Turn any product page into an affiliate product page using zora's affiliate product z-code:

  • [affiliate link= title=example brand]

Zora will replace Shopify's add to cart button with your custom affiliate link and title. This allows you to create beautiful product landing pages for your affiliate products without compromising on style. To use the affiliate z-code include it anywhere in the product description.


With Zora you can use any subscription app while keeping the look and feel of your brand. No more delayed subscription components. Zora's subscription block loads right away and you can chose to show your selling plans as a dropdown or classic radio button. Just add the custom subscription block.

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