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The heart of zora is blogging and selling content. So there's some extra special features you can use that help you blog your best.

Zora's blog recognizes article, audio and video posts which means you can host all your content on one blog without having to create a separate blog for each type of content. That doesn't mean there isn't a time and place to have a separate video or audio blog for podcasts. You can do that too. By default zora will show the blog post type on blog cards. You can disable this feature via the “Blog cards” section within your theme settings.


Zora blogs ship with a filter that let’s you sort blog posts by content type (audio, video, article), blog (if you have multiple blogs), categories (see below) and tags. You can hide this filter or disable specific filter features via the “Filter” section in your theme settings.


Add a blog image and text to any blog. You can also create unique banners for any tags. The blog banner section let's you choose a default background color or image and aspect ratio for mobile and desktop shared across all blogs. Or you can add a banner block and create a custom banner for a tag.

Note: If you prefer dynamic sources and metafields over blocks create metafield for the banner image, title and text. You will need to add at least 1 block and assign the block image, title and text a dynamic source.


Shopify, doesn't have categories in the same way you might see on WordPress or other blogging platforms. It does have a powerful tagging system that can be used to create blog category hierarchy. zora distinguishes categories from ordinary tags using the “cat-” prefix. It supports up to 3 levels deep as follows:

  • cat-country_region_state (3 levels)
  • cat-business_fundraising (2 levels)
  • cat-tech (1 level)

The first level appears after cat- (e.g. country, business, and tech). If your category has multiple words replace spaces with dashes (e.g world-news). The second level appears after the first underscore (e.g region and fundraising) and the third level appears after th 2nd underscore (e.g state). Categories appear in zora in the blog filter and mega-menu if you enable the feature. No need to create advanced nested navigation with all your category tags just enable "show blog categories" in the global Header and zora will create the nested menu for you. Learn more about nest categories in the Header.

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