How to Install Custom Shopify Sections

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Unzip and Choose Your Theme

  1. Download the novl-[section-name].zip and unzip.
  2. Login to your Shopify store and go to Online Store > Themes
  3. Locate the Shopify theme you want to install the Section and select the ellipses (…) next to Publish and the Edit code option.
    Screenshot of opening the Shopify code editor in the admin settings

All sections are compatible with Shopify’s free themes only

Install the Files

  1. In the online code editor scroll to Assets and click “Add a new asset”. You will add both the novl-[section-name].css and novl-[section-name].js files located in the unzipped folder.
  2. Now go to Sections and click “Add a new section”. Make sure the liquid option is selected and the name of the file is the same name as the txt file without the extension e.g. novl-[section-name].
    Screenshot of adding a section in Shopify code editor
  3. Copy and paste the contents from the novl-[section-name].txt and save.

Ayyyyyyye!!! You’re now ready to use your Shopify Section!

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