The Right Shopify Theme Is Your Super Power

If Shopify is the engine driving your day-to-day, themes are your toolkit. Already in the Shopify space? Then you know the power of themes. Not familiar with Shopify? Let alone using it for content? No worries. Themes are meticulously crafted with specific niches in mind, alleviating the burden of figuring out how to engage your audience. That's why the right theme is your superpower.


What Are Themes?

While it's common to perceive themes simply as templates, the comparison only scratches the surface. Themes offer much more than just customization options for logo, colors, typography, and content. What truly sets them apart is their functionality. Each theme is equipped with a set of tools, known as sections, that provide micro-experiences like listing all your Eventbrite events, galleries to showcase your artwork, custom video and audio players for podcast episodes, and ways to display your blog posts. Depending on your medium as a content creator, these are just some of the tools you’ll want in your toolkit


How Do you Find the Right Theme?

If you're a product-focused brand, you can use Shopify’s filters to narrow the search. For example, if you're in the "beauty" industry, you'll find expected features like before and after galleries. Similarly, in the "food and drink" category, you'll see an "age verifier" feature. But for content-focused brands and creators, the theme marketplace can seem like uncharted territory.

To date, there isn't an industry filter for "creator," and the tools you need aren't listed in features. As a blogger or podcaster, blog size matters more than catalog size. While you could use Shopify's keyword search and type "content" or "creator," it comes with limitations – you won't get a full list of themes for creators. Nonetheless, options do exist.

Screenshot of Shopify's Filter to search for content creator themes


What Themes Exist for Content Creators?

Every day, new themes are added to the theme store, each offering something unique. To get you started, here’s a list of themes by creator type:

Theme Creator
Zora Bloggers, Podcasters, YouTubers and Publishers
Publisher Writers and Publishers
Creator Influencers and Streamers
Label Musicians 
Exhibit Artists, Photographers, and Designers
Studio Artists and Designers


How Do You Choose the Right Theme?

Before settling on a theme based on looks, ensure it has the features you need. To get a snapshot of what a theme offers, while you are on theme listing page scroll to the highlighted images and features. This is where you’ll learn about the key features of the theme

Zora Shopify Theme Key Features and Highlights Screenshot of highlights and features of the Zora Shopify theme

Sounds like it does most of what you need? Take a closer look and “View the demo store.” The best way to know what tools are available is to give it a try. Not on Shopify? You can start a free trial and then get your first month for a $1. Once you’ve installed the theme, you'll be able to see what’s under the hood. You can test any paid theme for free until you're ready to publish it. Documentation is readily available to assist you on your journey. And if you need help, don't hesitate to reach out to the theme developer.

Remember, the right theme is your superpower. When it comes to themes, take a features first approach. You can always customize the theme as needed with your own colors, typography, images and content. Don't let the theme store deter you from leveraging Shopify as your all-in-one hub. Hopefully in due time you'll be able to use Shopify's filters to search for content focused themes the same way you can for product-focused themes.