Shopify, the overlooked all-in-one creator platform

Shopify isn’t the first name that comes to mind when thinking about content creation or management. But it might just be the hidden gem for content creators. With a growing creator economy, expected to reach 500 billion by 2027, there’s a race to become the next all-in-one creator platform. But what is a creator platform? If you strip away the term “creator” and focus solely on “platform”, you'll find it does THIS and THAT…

  • Launch a newsletter AND offer memberships
  • Create a link-in-bio page AND sell digital products
  • Start a blog AND offer memberships
  • Build a community AND sell courses

The THAT is always commerce, while the THIS is some way to engage your audience. It’s no wonder why 1 and 2 creators want more streamlined tools. Imagine if you could have a newsletter, link-in-bio page, blog, community, host your video and do commerce. Well, you can. And a good e-commerce content management system (CMS) will let you do commerce and content all-in-one.

While we won't delve into an in-depth history of e-commerce CMSes, they’ve always been a place for managing products and content. In the early days, content looked like a website with some pages and files. Nowadays, content includes a variety of media such as videos, podcasts, blog posts, and newsletters. To keep up with content demand, Shopify has integrated content tools that better cater to content creators. And for content creators looking to monetize, having a platform that understands commerce is invaluable.

What exactly can you do with Shopify?

Website Create a stunning website with themes
Linkinbio Add a place for all your links and products with Linkpop
Blog Publish video, audio and article content
Newsletter Connect with your audience in email
Forms Get feedback with surveys and questionnaires
Files Host your video, audio, images, PDFs, zips and more with Shopify’s CDN
Sell products Diversify how you monetize and sell digital and physical products
Shopify Markets Tailor your content and products based on your audience
Analytics Learn more about your audiences content and product interests
Apps Streamline tasks with thousands of apps


How can different types of Content Creators utilize Shopify?

Shopify can empower content creators across various mediums to seize control of their content, audience, and revenue streams. Here’s how:

  • Bloggers: Grow a dedicated community with memberships and offer exclusive content and products with member discounts and incentives.
  • YouTubers: Host your videos, offer subscription-based access to exclusive behind the scenes content, sell online courses, merchandise, and branded products.
  • Podcasters: Host your audio, offer exclusive episodes for premium subscribers. Connect with sponsors on your own terms and control how and what you get paid.


Why aren’t more creators using Shopify for content?

If Shopify lets you manage your content and products you’re probably wondering what’s the disconnect. The truth is, plenty of content creators are already using Shopify for commerce. Some have even considered Shopify for content. The hurdle is that there aren’t any themes that showcase content the same way they showcase products. Despite having a powerful tool at your fingertips, many creators still resort to blogging on X, running newsletters on Y, and creating forms on Z. The issue doesn't lie in Shopify's capabilities, as you can see. The problem lies in the themes available. That is, until Zora, a content-first theme designed specifically for content creators.


Is Shopify the right platform for you?

It’s an option among many and one worth considering, especially given its competitive pricing. Shopify is up to 45% less expensive than other creator platforms. Adjacent products like banking and financing address creators' concerns regarding faster payouts and access to capital. And with 20 years of experience in commerce, it’s a platform you can anticipate will likely be around for another 20 years.

Despite a potential learning curve for some, Shopify presents a compelling opportunity for both part-time and full-time content creators to streamline their operations, engage their audience, and monetize their content effectively. Whether you're a blogger, YouTuber, podcaster, or content creator in any other medium, Shopify offers a versatile platform to showcase your content and grow your business. At NOVL we hope to inspire more content creators to use Shopify starting with a little help from Zora.