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Zora will show all posts from the blogs you include in the “List of Blogs” defined in the “Blogs” section of your theme settings. With featured blogs you can choose:

  • Posts per row (1 - 4). When 1 is selected posts are shown as a list
  • The number of posts to load when there are more than 30 posts. The section infinitely loads all posts until all are shown.
  • Which posts to show by tag (supports multi-tag filtering)
  • Content type (video, audio, article or all)

Want to only show posts from a certain blog? You can assign a custom list of blogs in the section settings. With featured blogs, any page on your site can be converted to a blog listing page that showcases all of or a filtered selection of posts. You can decide what article information is shown via the "Blog cards" section in your theme settings.

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