Smart Tagging

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Zora uses the power of tags to be a content aware theme. There is no extra work needed on your end, just add the tag and zora will do the work.

Members Content

If you have memberships enabled you can use the membership tag defined in your theme settings to restrict content. The default tag is “exclusive”. Learn more about members only content.

Blog Categories

zora helps you to create a powerful category centric blog within a single blog. Create as many categories with subcategories as you like by using the "cat-" prefix. Note: the “cat-” prefix tag is required to work. Separate words with dashes (-) and subcategories with underscores. Here’s some examples:

  • cat-marketing_adverting
  • cat-digital-marketing_cpc

In the above example you would have 2 categories as follows:

  • Marketing
    • Advertising
  • Digital marketing
    • CPC

Learn more about the blog template and features.


Zora let’s you create multi-authored posts intuitively. Add as many authors as you like using the role- prefix followed by role and name of contributor. Separate words with dashes (-) and the role from the name using an underscore (_).

Here’s some examples:

  • role-writer_john-doe ( Writer - John Doe)
  • role-host_jane-davis (Host - Jane Davis)


Similar to contributor tags you can have multiple sponsors. The difference between sponsor and contributor tags is that sponsor tags are used for advertising only and follows FTC guidelines. If you’re not based in the US these guidelines may vary. Dislaimer: zora isn’t responsible for whether or not you follow guidelines in your country. To recognize an article or product as sponsored add the "sponsor_" prefix followed by the brands name (e.g. sponsor_novl)

Here’s some examples:

  • sponsor_shopify
  • sponsor_coca-cola
  • sponsor_example-brand

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