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While zora supports one-time purchase memberships, it also supports subscriptions. To get started select a subscription app from Shopify’s app store. Zora is compatible with all subscription apps. Once you’ve installed a subscription app you can create your first rule.

How to structure your subscription rule based on single vs multiple tiers

You’ll want to decide on your subscription frequency (e.g. weekly, monthly or yearly). Depending on whether you choose to offer one (e.g. monthly) or multiple (e.g. monthly and yearly) frequencies you’ll have to create a plan for each frequency. You can then choose from:

  • none (inherits price defined in your membership product)
  • fixed amount discount
  • percent discount
  • fixed product price

Need help designing your subscription plan for your membership? We’ve put together some common subscription plans for single and multi memberships

⚠️ When turning your membership into a subscription make sure to check “this product requires only selling plan options”

Best practices

We recommend not having more than 3 frequencies (e.g. weekly, monthly or yearly) OR 3 tiers (standard, premium, and plus) when designing your membership.

Things to keep in mind

By design when you turn your membership product into a subscription product, it ignores the one-time purchase flow. Zora expects you to choose either a “one-time purchase” OR “subscription” model AND NOT both for your membership product. So if you’d like your membership to be a one-time purchase DO NOT turn your membership product into a subscription.

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