Rich Form

Rich Form

A Shopify Section built like a form builder crafted to look and feel like your brand

Standout Features

Integrates with Shopify's Free Themes

If you're currently using any of Shopify's free themes, our form will fit right in and take on the styles of your theme. No customizations needed.

File Uploader

You are no longer limited to the types of content you receive with Shopify's native contact form. We've made it easy for you accept all types of files by integrating with Bytescale for an additional $7/mo. This includes 6,000 images, 400 videos, 12,000 documents and more per month 😮

Image Checkbox and Radio Buttons

Get more responses with image style checkbox and radio buttons. Prefer the classic style? You have the option of that too.

Field Types


Accept any range of numbers using a slider


Accept any range of numbers


Connect with your customers via their preferred phone number


Contact your customers via their preferred email


Learn more about the websites or social media channels your customers use


Accept single and range dates for ease of scheduling


Accept single and range times for ease of scheduling

File Upload

Using Bytescale accept images, video, PDFs and more for just $7/month after the free trial

Single-line Text

Great for short form responses

Multi-line text

Awesome for long form responses

Custom Liquid

Work with a Developer and add custom fields using conditional logic


Provide a list of options for your customer to choose form


Create a single radio or radio group using images or the classic element style


Create a single checkbox or checkbox group using images or the classic element style


Break up content using banners with either a background color or image

Rich Text

Add descriptive content using the rich text editor to format


Let the fields breathe with a little extra spacing