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If you’re coming from Wordpress then you’re probably familiar with shortcodes. Not familiar? No worries it’s easy to get started. In a nutshell, with zora shortcodes (z-codes) you can:

  • Turn any blog post into an audio or video podcast
  • Embed products and collections inline and create product review and gift guide posts
  • Transform a product page into an affiliate product page
  • Create rich author pages with a bio, photo, social links and list of posts

Z-codes allows you to dynamically add content where ever the z-code appears. It’s useful when you don’t want to leave your product, page or article while editing content and you have full control over where the embedded content appears.

How to use z-codes

Z-codes, are indicated using square brackets []. The text inside help’s Zora do magic. Some important things to know about z-codes

  • All z-codes must start with an open square bracket “[” and end in a closing square bracket “]”. e.g. […]
  • Following the open bracket include the name the z-code with no space (e.g. “[product”)
  • There should always be a space after the z-code name and before the parameter (e.g. “[product param…]”)
  • When assigning a parameter use the equals sign (e.g. [product handle=some-handle]
  • The closing bracket should always follow the last parameter and include no spaces.

Available z-codes

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